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I Can Buy Myself Flowers… 

At these West End flower shops!

When the weather shifts from winter to spring, our daydreams start to fill with visions of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and every early bloomer in between. Take a walk down any West End street in May and June and you will be greeted with an eyeful of beautiful reds, yellows, pinks and oranges among all the new greenery.  The west is chock full of tulips at this time of year and we are here for it.

At Nested, we love to use brightly coloured floral arrangements in our home staging design as well as in our office on occasion.  And if you have ever been to the Nested Office, you will know that we are obsessed with house plants.  So where do we get all of our plants and flowers? There are so many plant and flower shops in the west end it’s practically becoming the next flower district!  Here is a list of some of our favourite shops for a pop of colour and freshness in your life.

Willem and Jools- Roncesvalles

This Dutch-influenced flower shop puts together Rembrandt worthy floral arrangements, made to order. Opened in 2015, Willem & Jools has become a staple on the Roncy strip.  The interior of the shop is oh so cute and we love to pop in here for a serotonin boost amongst all the flowers and house plants. This sweet little shop at the corner of Roncesvalles and Galley Ave. is like stepping into a tiny piece of Amsterdam.

In addition to being proud members of the Local Flower Collective, Willem & Jools also import Dutch-grown flowers from high-quality suppliers and offer a range of beautiful vases for arrangements and materials for hand-tied bouquets. They are open daily from Sunday until Thursday.  Check their website for more information and their latest floral offerings.  Or pop in for a change of scenery and immerse yourself in the beautiful atmosphere of this charming shop.

Willem & Jools is at 125 Roncesvalles Ave.

Urban Gardener – The Junction Triangle

Not to play favourites or anything, but Urban Gardener is actually our favourite boutique plant shop in the west end.  We do source a lot of our tropical plants from this excellent little shop at the corner of Dupont and Franklin.  The selection inside is phenomenal and the staff are exceptionally knowledgeable.

In addition to the fabulous plants available, what makes this shop stand out above the rest are the services. They offer a house plant consultation, where they will come to your home to advise on the best plants for you based on your space, available light etc.  The fee for his service can be used as a deposit toward a purchase in the shop.

Urban Gardener also offers a plant repotting service, ensuring your plants remain safe and healthy as they are upgraded to new pots. For this service, it’s best to book an appointment.  You can bring in up to six plants at a time, whether or not they were purchased at the shop. If your plants are too large to transport, they also offer repotting services at home. In addition to the re-potting service, Urban Gardener also offers plant check-ups.

They will come to your home, assess your plants and offer advice on when to water, where to move them to and if the time is right for splitting or repotting. We love these services and highly recommend them to anyone looking to step up their house plant game.  They are open 3 days a week and available 7 days a week via email or Instagram for all your plant needs.

Urban Gardener is located at 1640 Dupont St. 

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The Wild Pansy – Upper Bloor West Village

The Wild Pansy is a gorgeous flower shop conveniently located near our Nested Offices.  The name here says it all.  They specialize in whimsical, garden-inspired floral design. AKA more natural and wild looking floral arrangements.  Expect to find dried eucalyptus and dried lavender among the blooms on offer here.

They also offer floral arranging workshops, which will give you the skill and appreciation for the art as well as specialized flower knowledge and flower arranging. The store is beautifully curated with a nice selection of ceramics, candles, natural beauty products, incense and plant holders.  They also create the most stunning floral headpieces and have an entire section on their website dedicated to wedding florals.

The shop is open Tuesday to Sunday and available 24/7 online through their website. We love to scroll through the beautiful photos on their Instagram for inspiration.

The Wild Pansy is located at 540 Annette St.

BK Flowers (Bloor Kennedy Flowers)- Bloor West Village

A Bloor West Village staple, Bloor Kennedy (BK) Flowers has been in the business for as long as we can remember.  Easily recognizable by their yellow and black awning, BK Flowers is the BWV one-stop flower shop go-to for the neighbourhood.  Unlike many of the shops on our list, Kennedy Flowers is pretty bare bones in terms of interior design and curation.  

This is a truly old-school flower shop with all the baskets, pots and flowers stacked neatly in rows along the walls.  The arrangements can be custom-made or choose from a selection of beautifully compiled blooms. They can put together whatever you like for any occasion, including seasonal outdoor arrangements. They are known for their excellent customer service and beautiful creations. We like to pop in here for a little pick me up to brighten up our window sills now and then. Order online, by phone or in person, 7 days a week.

BK Flowers is located at 2194 Bloor St. West

Pictus Goods- Junction Triangle 

This spot is the eco-conscious shop on our list.  You won’t find any floral foam in the arrangements here, and they also avoid single-use plastics as much as possible.  The arrangements are less structured than traditional bouquets and are very bloom heavy. Bursting with colour and beautifully layered petals and greens, the bouquets at Pictus Goods really are show stoppers. In addition to the florals, they also have a nicely curated section of handmade gifts and accessories. Here you will find a selection of jewelry, ceramics, beeswax candles, holders, artisanal teas, cards and even puzzles all from women creators. 

Pictus is a women-owned, eco-conscious small business, supporting other women-owned businesses locally and abroad. They offer wedding arrangements from bouquets to entire decoration schemes.  The shop is open daily and can also be reached through their beautiful, poppy Instagram account. When in the Junction Triangle, this is a great place to pick up a lovely thank you gift to make someone’s day.

Pictus Goods is located at 1561 Dupont St.

Martin’s Flowers -Baby Point

Another flower shop near our offices is Martin’s Flowers on Jane Street. Established in 1898, this shop is definitely the oldest shop on our list, and possibly the oldest in the city! Martin’s was originally located in The Junction right on Dundas W. and only recently moved to Baby Point. This family-owned shop is well-established with five generations of florist to florist, it’s safe to say it’s in their blood.

With a range of offerings from birthdays to weddings, Martin’s Flowers also has a beautiful selection of sympathy flower arrangements, including celebration of life sprays and stands. Though these are somber occasions, flowers are generally called for and Martin’s Flowers have been in the business long enough to be a trusted, reliable and delicate florist when it comes to making these arrangements for loved ones. Martin’s Flowers is open Monday through Saturday and offers same-day delivery before 11:00 AM.

Martin’s Flowers is located at 419 Jane St.

Hunt & Gather – Galleria, Junction Triangle

Hunt & Gather is a breath of fresh air along the currently redeveloping stretch of Dupont west of Dufferin.  Once home to the Galleria Mall and various autobody shops, this area is in the throws of change and new businesses are popping up daily.  One such business is Hunt and Gather, a gorgeous plant and light-filled shop and studio.  

More than just a flower shop, what sets this space apart is the owner, Ellie Hunt. In the industry for over 15 years, Ellie Hunt offers studio space to new designers as well as one on one workshops, her way of giving back to the industry that has given her so much. Her portfolio of work can be viewed on the Hunt & Gather website and it is absolutely stunning. It is well worth dedicating some time to taking in the gorgeous weddings she has worked on at home and abroad. Either for inspiration or perhaps you have a special event coming up.

In store, the arrangements are inspired by Dutch master paintings and are entirely dependent on the seasonal availability of the blooms, therefore, no two arrangements are alike. Hunt & Gather is open from Tuesday through Saturday and available 7 days a week online.

Hunt & Gather is located at 1232 Dupont St.

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Decorating with houseplants and flower arrangements is an easy and cost-effective way to give your home an organic, natural element that will always match your decor.  A nice crop of fresh flowers is a quick and easy way to add a pop of colour and help to boost your serotonin levels on a rainy day.  

Studies have shown that surrounding yourself with houseplants can actually trigger a serotonin release, also known as the Happy Hormone.  In addition to lifting your mood, plants also increase the amount of oxygen in the air, leading to a better sense of well-being and the ability to concentrate. 

Want more flowers in your life? for the month of May, Tasc Tulip Farm is hosting ticketed time slots where you can wander the 2 million deep tulip field and pick your own bouquet to take home with you! Tasc is located 1.5 hours outside of Toronto, in Fenwick, Ontario. 

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