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The people of Toronto love their pups, and the west end is no exception. As dog lovers and locals ourselves, we’ve had the opportunity to check out some of the best dog parks in west end Toronto. 

Read on to find out where you and your pooch can get your zoomies out or go for a quick dip on those hot summer days headed our way.

1) Sorauren Park

Located in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood, this massive park draws people from all over the west end including Parkdale, Roncy and even the Junction, it’s that good! The off-leash area is wide open with plenty of space for your four-legged friends to run wild. This is one of the more thoughtfully designed dog parks in Toronto, it has benches set back from the fray so you can have a seat, enjoy a coffee from one of the many local coffee shops and watch your pup live their best life at Sorauren Park.  Covered with a special ground cover to keep their paws clean, this park is definitely a fan favourite in the canine community.  Located at 289 Sorauren Avenue.

Things to note: the off-leash area is fully fenced in with two points of entry, a water fountain is located just outside of the north gate, commercial dog walkers are welcome.


2) Baird Park

One of west end Toronto’s best kept secrets, Baird Park has it all!  Known primarily for the West Toronto Lawn Bowling Club, Baird Park also hosts a very well-maintained off-leash area.  With fresh wood chips applied at the beginning of each spring, this little nook is a safe, clean park loved by locals.  Though commercial dog walkers are not permitted, there are always plenty of canine candidates ready to play at any time of day. This park is truly for the dogs, there are no benches or picnic tables within the off-leash area. To avoid being bowled over, it’s recommended to watch the action from the sidelines.

Even though this is one of the smaller parks in the area, you can always find neighbours here from The Junction, High Park and Bloor West Village. Located at 275 Keele Street.

Things to note: There are two gated entrances, a water fountain just beyond the fence, street parking.


3) High Park Off Leash Area

Easily the most picturesque west end dog park on our list, High Park off-leash truly is the park with something for everyone.  With 8.5 acres of fenced in trail, you and your pup can enjoy a safe, stress-free experience while meandering freely along the path.  The best part is that this trail ultimately leads to a massive open area known locally as Dog Hill.  Get your steps in while climbing Dog Hill, and take a well-deserved rest at one of the many picnic tables and benches located throughout.  Give yourself plenty of time for a visit to the High Park off-leash area as you and your dog will not want to leave.  Located at 1873 Bloor Street West, inside High Park.

Things to note: The dog park is located in the heart of High Park.  Plan for a 7-10 minute walk from either entrance.  


4) Sir Casimir Gzowski Dog Park

This lesser-known west end dog park is located just steps from Sunnyside pavilion.  Named after Sir Kazimierz Stanislaus Gzowski, an engineer best known for his work on a wide variety of Candian Railways, the Welland Canal and most notably, as Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, his namesake park is a favourite for pups who love to swim.  Though the fenced-in area does not have water access, the lake is located just steps away.  A great feature on those hot summer days when your pup needs to cool down after a heavy session at the races. Another park with wood chip ground cover, even on rainy days fido’s paws remain mud-free.  The west end dog lovers at this park take pride in their grounds and often organize park improvement days through the community Facebook group.  A cute feature of this park is the SDA or Small Dog Area, a special gated spot within the park reserved exclusively for dogs under 20LBS. With plenty of shade and cool breezes off the lake, this park is bound to be one of your pup’s favourites. Located at 2001 Lake Shore Blvd West, near the intersection of Lake Shore Blvd & Windermere Avenue.

Things to note: Commercial dog walkers are permitted, lake access is not fenced-in, SDA is only accessible through the main dog area, plenty of parking.


5) Earlscourt Park

With 12.6 hectares of green space, Earlscourt Park is the shadiest off leash dog park on our list.  Accessible by stairs or walkway, the dog park here is nestled in amongst a large cluster of shady trees.  Here, dogs have nearly a football field sized area to run around in. Like most dog parks in Toronto, Earlscourt is carpeted with woodchips, replaced seasonally to avoid the creation of mud puddles. Much to the delight of owners and disappointment of dogs.  A water fountain located right in the play area, ensures there is always fresh cold water available.  With one picnic table at the centre and a couple of benches near the gates, there are many options to watch the dogs play while steering clear of the action.  Bordered by Landsdowne, Caledonia Park Road, St.Clair and Davenport, this park draws from many west end neighbourhoods including The Junction, Junction Triangle, Bloorcourt and Bloor West Village. With on-street parking available nearby, this off-leash dog park is worth the drive. Located at 1200 Lansdowne Avenue in Giovanni Caboto Rink.

Things to note: There are two gated entrances, walkways leading to the park are not maintained in winter, commercial dog walkers are permitted.


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