Situated just south of Roncesvalles and west of trendy Liberty Village, Parkdale real estate is a diverse, dynamic, and highly sought-after area for homeowners looking for a neighbourhood full of idyllic charm, art, culture, and beyond.

With a long history of diverse immigration in the area, you’ll find some of the best international restaurants in Parkdale all supported by the incredible local shops, beautiful Victorian homes, and tree-lined streets that might make you momentarily forget you’re living in the city. That is, until you look at the takeout options or realize you’re mere steps away from the best urban amenities and conveniences.

Keep reading to learn more about what it’s like to live, work, and play in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood.

The History of Parkdale Real Estate 

The area that we now call Parkdale was first settled in the mid-1800s. In 1879, the village of Parkdale was established, and our tale truly begins! In the 1800s and early 1900s, Parkdale real estate consisted of large homes and a few pretty incredible mansions. It was primarily an upper-class community with affluent homeowners making up most of the population. 

In 1884, the Village of Parkdale passed an act to join the City of Toronto, but the actual process took a few years to iron out. The early 1900s were a golden era for the neighbourhood of Parkdale. It was a highly sought-after neighbourhood thanks to its proximity to the lake as well as attractions like the CNE, which was founded in the late 1800s. 

The Sunnyside Amusement Park opened in 1922 in the area, bringing over 30 years of attractions and fun for locals and visitors alike. A bathing pavilion, boardwalk, and the iconic ‘Flyer’ roller coaster were just a few of the main attractions beloved by many.

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In 1955 when the Gardiner Expressway was built, and the amusement park was closed, the community saw a significant shift. With much of the southern portion of the neighbourhood demolished, a period of redevelopment occurred, bringing in more apartment buildings and diversifying Parkdale’s population. 

It became a popular choice for new Canadians, particularly for Tibetan settlers. In fact, parts of Parkdale are often referred to as ‘Little Tibet’ due to the large Tibetan population that settled here. 

At the same time, an uptick in available rental homes in the 1950s and 1960s resulted in more artists coming to the area. To this day, Parkdale is home to many artists and performers, adding to the overall community vibe that places an emphasis on lifestyle and culture.

Types of Homes for Sale in Parkdale 

Many of the homes for sale in Parkdale are still the same Victorian homes built 100 years ago or more. While some of the notable mansions in the area remain, many of them have been converted into multi-unit homes. 

Parkdale real estate also consists of many rental units, with rental buildings popping up between the 1950s and 1970s still active today. 

Older homes with plenty of character are a staple of Parkdale, Toronto real estate and many of the older properties have been renovated inside with spectacular finishes and beautiful architectural touches. Exposed beams, brick walls, and original details like spectacular hardwood flooring and stained glass windows are just a few of the unique characteristics you might find. 

Most homes for sale in Parkdale are situated on tree-lined streets with quaint front yards and private charming gardens in the back.

Infill housing is also sometimes seen in Parkdale, and it’s not out of character to see old and new aesthetics perfectly merge for a completely unique look and feel to the neighbourhood. 

Unlike other areas of Toronto, Parkdale has not seen the same level of development over the past decades. While there are some new construction homes in the area, it is by no means the focal point of the neighbourhood.

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Who Lives in Parkdale? 

With its rich history of immigration, Parkdale is a diverse and energetic neighbourhood with a lot to offer. Polish, Caribbean, Tibetan, Chinese, Hungarian, Roma, and Indian newcomers are just a few of the nationalities represented here. 

With such a diverse culture, residents in Parkdale appreciate an international lifestyle with exceptional eateries, shops, and cultural events taking place all the time. 

Artists are still coming to Parkdale too, with the rental market in the area bringing in a variety of artists and performers that also add to the rich tapestry we know as Parkdale. 

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Due to its great west-end location, beautiful homes, and fantastic amenities (more on those below!) Parkdale is also gaining popularity among trendy urban families, professionals, and even downsizers looking for the perfect blend of history, comfort, and convenience. 

Things to Do in Parkdale 

Bordered by Lake Ontario to the south and situated between Roncesvalles and Dufferin Street, Parkdale is a vibrant and eclectic neighbourhood with a lot to do. Its rich history of welcoming newcomers means that Parkdale is where you’ll find some of the most incredible international cuisine and its history in the arts community means you’ll likely run into some talented creatives along the way. 

Explore the charming local boutiques and cafes along Queen St. West, the main thoroughfare in Parkdale. Discover funky vintage pieces or hidden gems to scratch your shopping itch. If you’re not in the mood for retail therapy, you can also visit any of the countless galleries, art installations, and street art around the neighbourhood. 

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If you’re in the mood for food, you will almost never run out of options. From the best perogies you’ve ever had to Filipino and Vietnamese food galore, the Parkdale restaurant scene has something for everyone. 

People who live in Parkdale are typically the trendy type who get their steps in while on urban adventures, however, the neighbourhood does have a few parks and green spaces to enjoy. Sunnyside Beach is a popular spot and you’ll often find lots of Parkdale residents jogging or walking along the Martin Goodman Trail along the lakefront.

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Community Services in Parkdale

West Toronto is one of the most sought-after areas in real estate right now, and Parkdale particularly is shining as a standout for its incredible vibe and overall appeal. However, Parkdale is also well-served by all the amenities and community services you would expect from a top-tier neighbourhood. 

With proximity to the Gardiner Expressway, Parkdale is relatively easy for drivers to get around. In terms of public transit, there are the Queen or Osgoode stations and plenty of streetcar access throughout. 

The area is well-served by healthcare providers, with doctor’s offices, walk-in clinics, dental offices, veterinary practices, and access to community-based programs through the Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre. 

Parkdale is part of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) which includes a variety of schools in the catchment area. There are dozens of schools in Parkdale including great elementary schools, high schools, Catholic and other religion-based schools, and even French schools. 

The Parkdale Community Centre features a 25-metre pool, kiddie pool, and two gyms. Residents can enjoy a variety of activities including guitar lessons, visual arts classes, sports, swimming, and more.

These exceptional community services are just the beginning too. One of the best parts of living in Parkdale is the innate sense of community. People here like to support their neighbours and give back. 

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How to Pick the Right Parkdale Real Estate Agent? 

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Parkdale, it’s best to work with a hyper-local real estate team. Toronto’s west end is dynamic, vibrant, and unique. When you work with a team that specializes in helping others find their dream home in Parkdale, you get years of local knowledge and insights. 

Your Parkdale real estate agent can help you determine your wants and needs and find the exact thing you are looking for, all the while educating you about the neighbourhood and preparing you for your big move. 

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Selling a home in Parkdale also requires local insight. Parkdale real estate agents know the local market, they have their finger on the pulse of comparable sales, and they can advise you on real-life actionable things to make your home sale go off without a hitch.

Trusting a local Parkdale realtor means you’re likely to get the highest price in the shortest time. 

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Parkdale was once considered one of the last central pockets with “cheap” real estate. However, as the area continues to grow with more amenities, the costs in Parkdale will also continue to rise. For a clear picture of the current state of the market, it’s best to get an up-to-the-minute assessment. Sign up for our newsletter right here for the latest insights. 

The best way to find a qualified realtor in Parkdale is to look for agents who are prominent in the area. Look for agents with local knowledge and who have experience working with buyers and sellers in the neighbourhood. Look at reviews, and speak to your friends and family. You should also interview multiple agents and make sure you choose someone whom you can trust.

With its beautiful tree-lined streets, access to great local schools, and ample community services, Parkdale is a great urban Toronto neighbourhood for families.

Yes! The community vibes in Parkdale are strong and whether you’re waiting in line at the coffee shop, or taking your dog for a walk, you’ll likely be able to strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere.

In general, yes. Parkdale is a relatively safe, family-friendly community. As a more central urban neighbourhood, the population density is higher than what you would find in the suburbs, but in general, you will find most people feel safe living in Parkdale.

If you had access to the trendiest boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and art galleries, you’re automatically pretty cool. For people who live in Parkdale, lifestyle means everything and there’s a definite feeling of overall coolness permeating through the neighbourhood.

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