Your Experience Matters 

We start by taking all the right steps to buying a house, because it leads to an unforgettable experience for you. Here’s what that looks like with us…

Neighbourhood Expertise

Where do you see yourself? Give us one look at your budget, and we’ll know the best area for you, the homes you should be looking at, and the recent comparable sales that will impact your purchase price.


We know the homes, what they sell for, and why they sell.

Local Agent Connections

Local agents know us and know how we work. We use this network to help you find your perfect home and have access to exclusive properties, before they hit the market, so you spend less time stressing and more time searching.


Our network gets you access to the homes you want to see.

Patience and Persistence

We do our research, and it shows. We analyze your needs by asking plenty of questions, knowing what suits you best, and then going out and finding it. It typically takes only a few homes, and you’ll quickly see that we always do our homework.


We cover everything, so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Let's Collab

Yes, we have access to Collab! We’ll set up Collab together, and you’ll get updates in real-time that match your preferences. Most agents don’t know how to navigate this awesome tool like we do (like the handy VIP feature), so you’ll never worry about missing out on your dream home again.


You’ll finally have control of your search, as we “Collab” to find the perfect home.

Pre-View Local Homes

We can pre-view local homes to make sure that they’re exactly right for you. We know that you’re busy and might not have enough time – we have young families, too, so we get it.


We’ll save you time, because we’ll know what to look for.

Fixer-Upper Expertise

A key skill in Toronto is knowing the difference between a gold mine and a money pit. We’ll teach you how to approach renovations, how to read home inspections, and how to build and innovate old homes.


You’ll learn the difference between a lemon and your dream home.

We know everything there is to know about where you want to live.

We have “down to the street” expertise, which means that we live here, we work here, and we know the market, the homes, and all the relevant stats. Go ahead and tell us your ideal street, we’ll be able to tell you about the homes, the recent sales, and even the listings you won’t find on MLS.

“It was our very first time making a home purchase, and so we were completely lost going into the housing market. Kathy was great from the beginning – she was super patient…and walked us through each and every step of home buying…Given the stress of home buying, her super upbeat and cheery personality definitely helped take the edge off, and was incredibly encouraging throughout. We couldn’t recommend her enough!”


Buyer in High Park North

Ready to get Nested?

When you work with us you’ll be getting neighbourhood experts who know how to navigate the market, and how to do things a better way. Access our expertise today to find exactly what you need from a home – and a community. We’ll cover the important stuff, so that the most stressful decision you’ll have to make is where you’ll eat on move-in day.

The steps to buying a house start with us. Let’s talk about your buying needs today.

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