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Toronto’s older and established neighbourhoods are well known for their varied and unique types of homes. Just take a stroll around and you’ll be hard-pressed to find two homes that look the same.

Toronto’s heritage-driven west-end exemplifies that perfectly, as most original homes here are over 100 years old (offering many interesting finds)! While some of the homes in our favourite west-end pockets are similar in style, each of these neighbourhoods has its own unique charm and distinctive quirks and qualities.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to break down each area to let you know the types of homes and what you can expect to find there — starting from Parkdale and moving west.

Old World Parkdale

Parkdale is definitely an ‘artsy’ neighbourhood, both in the community and the architecture. Walking around Parkdale, you’ll immediately notice an eclectic mix of Edwardian, Arts & Crafts, and Victorian homes.

It wasn’t long ago that Parkdale was home to Toronto’s ultra-wealthy, explaining the old-world excellence to each character-driven home. Many of these older homes are now being renovated and finding new life on the area’s quaint and quiet streets.

Parkdale also boasts some of the largest original homes in Toronto, with striking Grand-dames on every block. It’s no wonder many affluent creative types are attracted to this easily accessible west-end neighbourhood. The homes here are huge and truly one of a kind!

Roncesvalles Charm

Locals love Roncesvalles (Roncy) for its character homes and neighbourhood charm. This established neighbourhood also offers a mixture of older Edwardian, Arts & Crafts, and Victorian homes, many of which have been tastefully renovated, blending both the character and modern elements.

Homes in Roncy are a mix of 2-3 story detached, semi-detached homes and row houses. While the fully-detached homes can be significantly more expensive, the larger 2-3 storey semi’s are very spacious and are often larger than a typical west Toronto two-story detached home.  A typical Roncy detached homes will have three bedrooms on the second floor and two smaller rooms on the third floor, offering plenty of space for a growing family. Private parking comes at a premium in Roncy, which is why many buyers opt for street parking (a know trade of for the fabulous location!)

Majestic High Park

We often find that Roncy and High Park are considered one, as Roncesvalles Ave is the diving line between these two. However, High Park Proper is located between Roncesvalles Ave and Parkside Ave, steps away from Toronto’s largest park (High Park). High Park Proper offers a truly unique living experience with so much green space at your fingertips.

Homes here are large, brimming with character, and are often heavy on brick and stone construction. High Park’s homes sit on picturesque winding streets in oversized lots, are perfect for growing families. Offering predominantly detached 2-3 story homes with a few larger semi-detached homes tucked in between. The upscale vibe is complemented by homes designed in the Classic Edwardian and Arts & Crafts style.

Colourful Junction

This trendy west end neighbourhood is famous for its down-to-earth vibe and distinct older homes bursting with colour. The Junction is lined with many beautiful century-old Victorian homes, sitting on pretty streets that almost look like they could be pulled from Toronto history textbooks.

The Junction is definitely a location perfect for someone looking for character, neighbourhood edge, and a unique vibe. Here you will find a mixture of detached and semi-detached homes, plus row houses. Many of the semis are either two or two and a half stories. While average in size, they’re filled with beautiful character inside and out. However, a few Junction streets do offer larger homes with large porches and much larger lot sizes.

Exquisite Bloor West Village

Voted Toronto’s most desirable neighbourhood to live in by Toronto Life, this neighbourhood is equal parts self-sustained, modern, upscale, and established. Beautiful century homes line Bloor West Village, and the streets are loaded with greenery that gives this neighbourhood a “small village in a big city” vibe.

Whether detached or semi-detached, the typical BWV house will almost always have a large front porch, usually transformed into an outdoor sitting area. The types of homes in BWV, both semi’s and detached, are typically two-story brick builds with smaller square footage than the other neighbourhoods mentioned above. However, many streets offer very generous lot sizes and the possibility of adding extra living space. You will find lots of character, original wood features in BWV, and generally very well-maintained homes.


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