Cloud Moon Sun

Humber River

Enjoy your morning run along the river

King's Mill Park

Catch your breath and take in the surroundings

Baka Gallery Café

Head home, grab the kids, and order a delicious breakfast for them (and a coffee for you)

Beresford Park

Take a break and have a play

Head Down Bloor

Check out the charming shops, boutiques, delis, and more that make up Toronto's quaintest strip

Treat Yourself

To a dazzling bouquet at the Bloor & Kennedy Flower Shop

Say Tea

Pick up gifts for friends, cold tea for the little ones, or a special blend for yourself

Snappers Fish Market

Pick up delicious lobster, or crab cakes, for dinner

Skip Dinner at Home

Head to Woody's Burgers, instead!

Date Night?

Hit up Campo Restaurant for a delish Italian dinner with that special someone

The Kennedy Public House

After dinner, grab a drink before heading home and calling it a night

Making your way through Bloor West Village?

Here’s where you need to go…

What Living In Bloor West Village Is All About...

This neighbourhood is equal parts self-sustained, modern, upscale, and established. Beautiful homes line Bloor West Village, and the streets are loaded with greenery that gives this neighbourhood a “small village in a big city” vibe. With so many events, restaurants, stores, and things to do, Bloor West Village is perfect for everyone.

Who You'll Find...

Living in Bloor West Village, you’re going to find lots of families – thanks to the convenience of the community, where everything you could ever need is within walking distance. Those who want the feeling of a strong community with access to downtown will love it here. Don’t forget the outdoors, too, with High Park, the Humber River, and Lake Ontario just minutes away.

The Essential Bloor West Village Home...

With Bloor West Village real estate, think detached with a large front porch. This is a community where neighbours sit outside and watch their kids play – it’s safe, peaceful, and has that “real village feel” you might be looking for in a home.

A Local's Perspective...

What you need to know about living in Bloor West Village is that it’s peaceful, surrounded by parks, connected to downtown, and a winning combo for the easy life – there is so much at your fingertips, and you don’t even have to break a sweat to find what you need.

Living in Bloor West Village is easy when you know the area, the homes, the prices, and the exclusive listings not on the market.

Contact us today to get all of that, and more.

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