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With tight-knit communities, cozy residential streets, boutique shopping areas, and expansive access to public transit, Roncesvalles in Toronto’s west end is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods for families in the city.

Whether you’re a large family, a small family, or you’re currently expecting, living in Roncesvalles is perfect for families of all ages and sizes. One of the best parts about family life in Roncesvalles is the abundance of top-notch schools in the area.

Considering the fantastic selection of schools in the west end, Roncesvalles has a fair share of them. To learn more about what Roncy has to offer when it comes to west end schools, read our guide below!


Fern Avenue Junior and Senior Public School

Situated on its namesake street, Fern Avenue Junior and Senior Public School is neatly nestled away on the quiet residential street of Fern Avenue in the heart of Roncesvalles.

Welcoming children from Junior Kindergarten all the way up to Grade 8, Fern’s average enrollment serves about 700 students per year, making it the largest elementary school in the area.

Fern is also known for its comprehensive French Immersion program, available to students from Senior Kindergarten through to Grade 8. Alternatively, Fern’s Extended French program is also available to students from Grade 4 to 8.

Garden Avenue Junior Public School

Located along Garden Avenue just west of the south Roncesvalles strip, Garden Avenue Junior Public School is neatly tucked away on this quaint residential street. Completely surrounded by family homes, Garden Avenue JPS has a real family-friendly feel to it.

Garden Avenue JPS welcomes students from Junior Kindergarten up to Grade 6, with an average enrollment of about 275 students. With one-way, slow-moving street traffic and lots of stop signs, Garden Avenue is a perfectly situated west end school for young children to safely attend.

According to the widely-trusted Fraser Institute School Rankings, Garden Avenue scores an 8.7 out of 10 overall.

Howard Junior Public School

Head a few streets north of Garden Avenue to Marmaduke Street and you’ll find Howard Junior Public School. Also located just west of the Roncesvalles strip, Marmaduke is another family-friendly residential street. Similar to Garden Avenue, Marmaduke runs one-way, making pick-up and drop-off efficient and safe for young children.

Howard Junior Public School also teaches children in the Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 age range, with an average attendance of approximately 550 students. The Fraser Rankings rate Howard JPS highly as well, scoring an 8.4 out of 10 overall.

St Vincent de Paul Catholic School

If combining academics and faith is a priority within your household, Roncesvalles can accommodate you and your family just as easily. Found on the tree-lined residential street of Fermanagh Avenue, St Vincent de Paul Catholic School is a storied Toronto Catholic institution located right here in Roncesvalles.

St Vincent de Paul offers educational programs that reinforce traditional Catholic beliefs, values, and doctrines for students between Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. Between Grades 1 to 8, St Vincent’s curriculum is consistent with the expectations of The Ontario Curriculum, while additionally offering an extended French program to students between Grades 5 and 8.

According to the Fraser Rankings, St Vincent de Paul scores an 8.5 out of 10.

Special Mentions: Roncesvalles Private Schools

Roncesvalles is also proud to host several well-regarded private schools within the neighbourhood. A few of the most popular west end private schools include:

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