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Whether you’re a young family looking for your first home to grow into or you need a new space to keep up with your expanding clan, there are a few key traits to always keep in mind when buying a family home.

Although not all families have the same lifestyle requirements, there are some common denominators when it comes to what works in a family home. No matter the size, age, or design preferences of your family, your next family home should hit a few fundamental marks.

To learn more about the key ingredients that make a great family home, read our guide below detailing our top four tips to look out for on your new family home search.

The Layout

Depending on how big or small your family is — and if that’s likely to change in the near future — getting the size and layout of your next family home right is crucial. If you’re a young family, it’s always advisable to think long-term and make an honest projection about how big your family might become. While a nursery at the end of the hall might be perfect for a child on the way, it might not be ideal if you plan on living in your new family home for a while.

Conversely, if you have a family with older kids, it’s important to set emotions aside and objectively plan for the near future. The last thing you want to do is invest in a space that fits your family now but will be much too big (and costly) just a few months down the line when they move out for school or into their own space.

The Neighbourhood

Toronto is full of amazing neighbourhoods, but not all are created equal. While you might have your heart set on somewhere in particular now, it’s worth it to really think about raising kids there in a few years.

As family people ourselves, we can’t say enough good things about the west end — it’s literally got everything a family needs. With ample green space, quiet side streets, tree-lined sidewalks, convenient access to public transportation, and amazing local schools, there’s nothing left for wanting when searching for family homes in the west end.

Plus, there is a huge variety of homes in Toronto’s west end; from heritage Toronto red bricks, preserved Victorian-era stunners, and statement Arts & Crafts-style manors, there’s a family home in the west end that will suit any style preference.

The Amenities

While finding the perfect neighbourhood for your children to grow up in is an essential part of your family home search, it’s also important to keep in mind what else that neighbourhood has to offer. Lots of green space and friendly neighbours are great for adventurous children to grow up in, but when it comes to doing daily tasks and running errands, you don’t want to have to venture too far away from home.

Look out for things like local shopping areas, access to public transit, and nearby community centres, which are especially useful if you work from home and need a hand keeping up with younger children.

The Schools

There’s good reason why neighbourhoods in good school districts are so coveted, and it’s all about future planning. Even though you might not have school-age children yet, you’ll want to make sure when the time does come for them to start their academic careers, they’re starting them off well.

Finding out which schools are closeby and highly-rated in your prospective neighbourhood should influence your search for a new family home. Not only will it save you time having to drop-off and pick-up your kids, but it’ll also set them up for success as they progress through their education.

Are you looking for some help finding your next family home? Our team of west end real estate experts know all there is to know about family homes in Toronto and would love to help guide you on your search. Tell us what you’re looking for by reaching out to us here, then learn about buying with us here.

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