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Ah, the condo. Toronto’s most ubiquitous building project, popping up absolutely everywhere from top to bottom, left to right.  With so many new condos popping up, and established units hitting the market the condo real estate space can feel a little crowded.

If condo living is on your list, let us help you discover why a condo in the west end is the perfect choice.

When people say the word condo, everyone automatically thinks of massive glass sky scrapers in the heart of the busy downtown, but Toronto is an equal opportunity condo development city.  There are condos popping up in nearly every neighbourhood, including many of our favourite west end locales, and they are amazing.  When developers build condos in already established neighbourhoods filled with old homes and ample green space, there is an expectation and even strict regulations requiring them to blend into the area as seamlessly as possible.  This means there likely won’t be any 80 story monstrosities looming over a small row of war-time town houses.  This also means that there has to be some consideration to the design and its impact on the neighbourhood and environment. 

In the west end, we have a lot of condo conversions. 

Old loft buildings and churches that have been beautifully restored and converted into gorgeous, one of a kind condominiums.  The Arch Lofts in the Junction Triangle, The Sanctuary Lofts at High Park and the Victoria Lofts on Annette St. to name a few. We also have some truly gorgeous new builds going up and already established  ones as well. Many of the older buildings in the High Park area, Junction and Bloor West Village tend to have more family-sized floor plans and decent square footage. There really is no compromising on space in these older buildings.

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West Is Best! Its no secret that we are west end evangelists, and with new builds going up in quite a few of our favourite west end pockets, we’re here to tell you why investing in a west end condo is the way to go:

1) Unique and boutique living

As mentioned earlier, many of the condos in the west end are actually conversions.  This means there are plenty of unique spaces in restored buildings with interesting history.  Who wouldn’t want to live in a piece of Toronto history? Often with these types of condos, the units benefit from intricate moulding or brick work, over-sized factory or church style windows, warm, welcoming solid brick interior and exterior and many other original details not found in ground up builds downtown.

It’s not just conversions turning heads in the west end.  We have some of the most beautiful new builds in the city. Really unique designs, gorgeous exteriors with thoughtful architectural details ensuring that these condos are a welcome addition to our neighbourhoods, and never a detriment. Most new builds in the west end are limited in height, and offer ample living space with family sized floor plans, in line with the features west end residents enjoy in their homes as well. After all, why move to the west end if you can’t truly have all the features this amazing side of the city has to offer?

2) Secure long-term investment

Everyone wants to live in the west end, or at least we think they should! Buying a condo as an investment opportunity is an excellent way to secure your retirement in the neighbourhood you love, or even as a pied à terre for the grandparents. Boutique condos, such as those in church or loft conversions also offer better future returns. These types of buildings tend to rent for more, and attract a higher quality, long-term tenant.

New builds give the rare opportunity to be the first ones to live in a space, customize the design, interior touches and make changes aligned to your tastes. A new build offers an opportunity to truly customize your living space.  As a long-term investment, these units are a great purchase, as every amenity is new, appliances are new, floors, windows – absolutely no wear and tear to manage or worry about.

3) Plenty of personality and neighbourhood vibes

The west end is known for having very strong communities and excellent neighbourhood vibes, with each neighbourhood offering something different.  The condos is these areas are no exception, in fact, in a west end condo you benefit two-fold: The neighbourhood community and also the community within the building. All of these buildings are in the heart of our neighbourhoods with excellent access to parks, transit, shops and services.  Condo living in the west end is a fantastic way to take advantage of all the west has to offer, without many of the tasks and responsibilities of home ownership.

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Here are just a few examples of some stellar west end condos that feature the best of our neighbourhoods with the unique experience of living in a boutique condo or loft.

—>  RESTORATION The Robert Watson Lofts

Located just off of Sauroren park, these are converted hard lofts in a former candy manufacturing building.  This is a gorgeous boutique building that blends right into the Roncy neighbourhood surrounding it.  With close proximity to the park, one street over the from the bustling Roncy strip, this are one of the west end’s most sought after condo addresses.

—>  NEW BUILD The Junction House

Soon to be complete, The Junction House is right at the very beginning of the Junction at Dupont and Dundas West.  This is an example of a new build blending into the existing environment, with a thoughtful layout taking into consideration the impact more density will have on the surrounding neighbourhood.  This building is only 9 stories, with150 units, including 22 two-story houses and laneway suites.

—>  RESTORATION Victoria Lofts

One of the most impressive church conversions in the west end, Victoria Lofts located right on Annette St.  Boasts some beautiful preserved original architecture from the 1800’s building.  The penthouse lofts in this building are absolutely stunning, with one unit in particular featuring the original open air bell tower, now enclosed in glass.  This is the type of character you won’t find in the downtown condo builds we all know so well.

—> NEW BUILD High Park Residences

This much loved and elegant condo development is located directly across the street from High Park. There is so much to see and do at this park!  Hiking trails, dog parks, outdoor pool, ice rink, the only grass tennis courts in the city, a curling club, splash pad, cherry blossoms etc. the list  goes on! Here you will find a mixture of apartment sizes as well as a handful of townhouses with street access. There are also quality amenities including a rooftop deck and BBQ area with stunning south views of High Park! 

This charm, character and history is what makes west end condos and lofts an exceptional investment, for now or the future. If you’re considering making the move to a condo, consider one in the west end.  Enjoy the perks of the welcoming communities and beautiful neighbourhoods with the convenience of condo living.  No snow shovelling, lawn mowing or even garbage day chores. Just walk right in and live your life, in west end style.

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