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We are so loving some of the programs the city of Toronto is implementing to help out local businesses recover from the COVID shut down.  CafeTO is no different!!

Drop by the Junction of a Friday or Saturday night to experience one of our favourite setups for the program. The vibe is amazing!

This is a great example of how a BIA can help get restaurants up and running again with the use of the CAFETO program, which is allowing restaurants who did not previously have a patio to create one in the street using a lane where typically cars are parked. The Junction BIA and restaurants have taken this full-on and each “patio” has been fully decked our with tables, lights, greenery, umbrellas and various decor. This is creating a true patio feeling. You would hardly even guess you are eating dinner on the road! I hope they keep this program going for a while and we really love it. What do you think? Love it or think it’s silly?


Let us know!