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Holiday Friday Night on Roncy


Hi everyone we are here on Roncy just about to get our Christmas tree from Sweetpeas. We get our tree here every year – they are great and last extra long. Watch the video to see how it goes…

Second stop:  We are here for Part 2 of our local holiday kick-off at Alimentari. About to pick up their weekly Friday night pre-set take-home dinner. This is our first time giving this a try and I will let you know how it goes when I get home to unbox it!

Ok, We are about to unbox our delicious Alimenari dinner. We have a main of eggplant parm, dessert of lemon curd cookies, garlic chili rapini . You can also pick up some Dillons negroni’s or a nice bottle of wine while you are there.

Verdict is –  food was delicious and worth a try when you don’t feel like cooking on a Friday night!

Tree looks great and smells divine, all set to be fully adorned with decorations.


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