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2020 brought a lot of change to our lives, and our beloved Roncy strip.  With stay at home orders coming and going, many businesses had to practically reinvent themselves to stay afloat. We are thankful to the business owners of Roncy, and the local community for keeping the strip alive during these tough times.  This week on the blog, we’d like to feature some of our favourite coffee shops in the neighbourhood and we encourage you to go check them out as well as the many other businesses we all know and love on Roncesvalles Ave. #supportlocal

There is more to these Roncesvalles coffee shops than just coffee! Trust us, we know a thing or two about eating on the run and have tried and tested these options regularly…

1) Cherry Bomb

79 Roncesvalles Ave(416) 516-8212
Toronto, ON M6R 2K6Visit Website

If you’re starting your day from the bottom of the strip, then your first stop must absolutely be Cherry Bomb.  Opened in 2005,  offering amazing coffee and even better pastries, there’s a reason this place is on every list of best coffee shops in the city.  Once you’ve tried the almond croissant, you will think of nothing else for the rest of your days.  At least, that’s how we feel.  Croissants aren’t your thing?  They also have the world’s best blueberry scone.  Ask anyone on Roncy where to get the best pastries and all fingers will point to Cherry Bomb.   With a sparse interior, this place is more of a take out spot, even pre-Covid.  There is a small row of brightly coloured chairs lined up out front, however, and a few benches as well.  Conveniently located right at the  TTC stop for the 501 King streetcar, Cherry bomb is the perfect place to get your fix, your pastry, and on your way. Roasted coffee by the pound is also available for purchase on their website.

We recommend an almond milk latte with an almond croissant.

2) Extra Butter Coffee

283 Roncesvalles Ave(647) 340-7791
Toronto, ON M6R 2M3Visit Website

This super cute, locally owned and operated Roncy staple has been serving up delicious coffees and cute little donuts since 2014. Known for their perfect little house made donuts, bottomless drip coffee and friendly baristas, Extra Butter is a staple for a reason. With a nice long bench out front, this is a great spot to chill with your pooch in the heart of it all.  Located smack dab in the middle of the Roncy strip, this is the perfect meeting place for a socially distant cup of coffee with a neighbour you haven’t seen in a while. Recently, Extra Butter has partnered with Muuse cup, to offer a reusable cup program, helping to eliminate the need for disposable packaging.  Currently only open for take out, make Extra Butter a stop on your route and you will not be disappointed. If you can’t make it out to the strip, check out their website for all things coffee. 

We recommend the chai latte with a cinnamon sugar donut. Perfection! 

3) Reunion Island Coffee Roasters

385 Roncesvalles Ave(416) 551-3431
Toronto, ON M6R 2N1Visit Website

With its chic, minimalist interior, Reunion Island is a great locale to sit and get some work done.  With plenty of tables, free wifi and a relatively quiet environment, this is a great spot to work on your blog, your spreadsheets or perusing local west end real estate listings!  More than just fair trade coffee though, Reunion island is known in the hood for its amazing breakfast sandwich and burger to die for.  If you know, you know.  Just around the corner from the main entrance on Neepawa ave, sits Gold Standard.  In partnership with Dundas West’s The Federal,  this Reunion Island outpost is where you go to order your breakfast sandwich or burger.  Oh, are you vegan?  Don’t worry, they also offer an incredible vegan sandwich featuring hummus, mushrooms, pickles and red onions, all served up on the same English muffin as the breakfast sandwich.  As with most places at the moment, Reunion Island is take out only.  So, swing by, grab a coffee and a sandwich and stroll down the strip until you hit the lake. There you can take a seat on one of the many waterfront benches, enjoy your burger and breathe in that fresh fresh air!  Roncy really has it all!

4) I Deal Coffee

221 Sorauren Ave(416) 364-7700
Toronto, ON M6R 2G1Visit Website

If you’re headed to the Roncy strip via Sorauren Park, lucky you! Stop in at I Deal coffee on your way over. Serving up organic, fair trade coffee on the regular, I Deal is the ideal spot to get your fix after the park.  They even have something for the little ones. Making fresh lemonades daily, you and your mini me can grab a treat and head to the strip for some good people watching and even better dog spotting.  Our fave pick me up: Americano with steamed milk and a lemonade with extra ice.  While you’re there, be sure to pick up some Prairie Boy bread, you will not be disappointed.  More than just coffee, I Deal also offers wine and beer delivery featuring local breweries and wine shops. I Deal Coffee is located directly across from Sorauren Park.

5) Jimmy’s Coffee

2210 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M6R 1X3Visit Website

Opened on Portland street in 2009, this King West staple has quickly spread its wings across the GTA with many locations throughout the city, including one right at the top of the Roncy strip, on Dundas W. Start here with a hot (or cold) cuppa Josephine and meander down the strip, fully caffeinated and ready to take it all in.  We recommend the Flat White with a butter croissant. 

What is your favourite Roncesvalles coffee shop and your go-to treat?

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