Cloud Moon Sun

Grenadier Pond

Start your day with an early morning skate in High Park

Take a Stroll

Head up to Bloor and admire the charming hillside homes and the picturesque atmosphere

Maison Frou Brasserie

Treat yourself to a fabulously chic brunch

Enjoy Bloor

Check out the charming shops, boutiques, delis, and more that make up Toronto's quaintest strip

Pick Up Dinner

Try some quality meats at the Bloor Meat Market, paired with extremely tasty sides from Max's Market

Go For A Play

Head to Rennie Park with the kids, to blow off a little steam, before making the trek home

Making your way through Swansea?

Here’s where you need to go…

What Living In Swansea Is All About...

Living in Swansea is an ideal escape from the city – it feels almost as if you’re living in the middle of a park. Winding streets, established gardens, and amazing homes. Is this some sort of beautiful dream? It sure feels like it!

Who You'll Find...

Swansea is all about families, families, families. There are lots of well-established folks here, which has helped create a close-knit way of life. This is a place where social butterflies thrive, and where people care how the curb looks as much as their front porch.

The Essential Swansea Home...

If you’re lucky, you might find yourself in one of the Swansea homes perched high on the hillside. These are some of the most beautiful views you’ll ever come across, with scenes of High Park and Grenadier Pond playing out from your back porch all year long. Super luxurious, with huge lots and plenty of space for growth, it’s no wonder why Swansea real estate really appeals to families.

Living in Swansea Toronto | Nested Real Estate

A Local's Perspective...

Small, relaxed, and peaceful, living in Swansea is a nice reminder that you can have the best of the city in a setting that feels like the countryside. Swansea attracts affluent families and those who love the outdoors, as it's just a stone’s throw away from High Park and Lake Ontario.

Living in Swansea is easy when you know the area, the homes, the prices, and the exclusive listings not on the market.

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