My mother Krystyna hired Pavlena Brown and Kathy Essery to sell her family home of 47 years in Parkdale. Well…..more like ADOPTED them!  Though my mother is a secure and easy going woman, the process was undoubtedly going to be emotional for her.  Kathy and Pavlena struck the perfect balance between professionalism and sensitivity.  Professional through and through, with current, pertinent information at hand. Sensitive – with the subtleties and detours which spotted this process.  Other qualities this savvy pair exhibited included: Marketing smarts, neighbourhood identity awareness, scheduling adaptability as well as light-heartedness and a sense of humour when it was most needed.  Not to mention the bonus of Kathy being bilingual, so she was able to clarify to my mother in Polish!  We are so very grateful we had Pavlena and Kathy to guide us all through to what ended up a successful, smooth sale.