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Covid-19 Real Estate Series – BUY Safe, SELL Safe, STAY Safe.

Episode 5: Buying A House? Here’s why you definitely need a realtor during Covid-19.

As we all adapt to the new normal of social distancing, most of us are feeling hesitant of conducting meetings with anyone new.  Popping into an open house or contacting an agent to view a house isn’t possible right now, and some of these changes are here to stay.
The Toronto real estate industry has adapted to new practices, and now more than ever, as a buyer, it’s important to establish a relationship with an experienced realtor if your goal is to quickly and safely buy a house.

You’re Experience Matters.

Although our industry has gone virtual and information is easily available, you should hire a realtor who can help you interpret the information while protecting your interests. 
Your realtor will be able to dig deeper and gather more available information on the property, including recent comparable sales, specific neighbourhood info, plus listing information so you can review everything before actually visiting the house. Your realtor can go to the property and do a FaceTime showing with you or a virtual tour showing, to ensure the house suits your needs before you take the final step to book an in person showing. 
With Covid-19, arrived new real estate protocols including Covid showing disclosure forms and all sorts of different clauses that are consistently modifying and you will 100% need a realtor to help you navigate through the changes.  
For buyers, the two big shifts we have seen in the Toronto real estate market has been timing and pricing strategies. Timing your real estate purchase is everything, especially if you are buying and selling. We are preparing for ups and downs in the housing market during the course of this pandemic, and understanding when to pause and when to jump on an opportunity can mean huge savings. 
Pricing homes has changed and we are seeing a decrease in under-pricing properties for multiple offers. Your realtor can help you understand the market changes, negotiate the terms and price of your offer and advocate on your behalf to get you the best property your money can buy. 
For more details on the current market shift and opportunities, let’s connect!